Dearest Huz, family, friends and strangers,

Here is my Wish List, should you want to bestow me with gifts that I’ll really love this holiday/birthday season. Of course I like surprises as well, but this will give you an idea of what I am interested in right now.

I have one high quality butter-soft leather handbag that I bought with birthday money two years ago. (You’ve seen it before.) I’ve been carrying it almost exclusively for two years and I’m ready to rotate to another one, but I can’t go back to synthetic leather or crappy leather – fugetaboutit. Well, I can, I just don’t want to. So to start my Christmas Wish List this year, here are some bags I’m eyeing:

Another Perlina since I’ve been so satisfied with the one I have and some various other ones that look cool online, but need to be tried on to see if I love them (Zappos has an excellent return policy, so this is no problem).

I would like another pair of tall black leather boots since Neville turned mine into a veritable cribbage board. While we’re talking shoes, these are both cute too, as are these ableit not very practical, but I’d be hot in them with jeans*. (Size 7 1/2, medium width)

*I have a girlfriend who thinks that heels with jeans is slutty/white trashy. I think it depends on the a) person, b) tightness of jeans, and c) type of heel. What do you think?

Different lenses to experiment with for my Nikon D70. A lensbaby looks like fun, as does a macro or wide angle lens – I really don’t know much about them to be honest. Also, I’d love to have a professional tripod so I can do fun photos at night or some with me actually in them.

I’d also like some books, including this photo book or this one on world spectacles, any of these Cindy Sherman books (or other photographers dealing with women’s issues, body conscienceness, etc.), books by the great John Updike** or Haruki Murakami (except for The Wind-Up Bird Chronical and Hard-Boiled Wonderland And the End of the World because we already have these), The Office*** DVD set and, speaking of Ricky Gervais, this for our future kid (okay, okay, it’s for me).

**I read Updike’s Couples and am totally hooked. He’s got the richest, deepest ways of expressing things. I still remember 2 quotes from this book which I ready probably 6 months ago (which I never do – memorize things, that is): “she brewed his goodness in her warmth” – a wife pregnant with her husband’s child; “the begging fur of friction” – a cat rubbing on a man’s shins begging for breakfast. Isn’t that spectacular!?

***The original, BBC version only please. Though I must admit that the US one is finally winning me over a little bit, but it’ll never be as good as the original.

This pot to showcase my exceptional cooking skillz (or Huz’s, depending on who’s got dinner duty that particular night).

A Superhero necklace in either cholorine or champagne.

A soft, warm, cozy bathrobe for the winter months.

I’m sure I can think of more. Yeah, now that I think about it, Pottery Barn, Amazon, or spa gift certificates are always cool.

The end.