We had a great time Saturday night with 28 people jammed into my little house. There was tons of food (though I only ate four bites all night, which would explain why my 4 glasses of wine did what they did to me), lots of noise and laughter. Basically: Awesome.

As promised, here are photos, but you can see them all if you like.

I collected votes from people on their favorite costume (I forgot to vote) and guess who won? ME! Here I am with my prize (oh so klassy dracula goblet).

Me and My Prize

Fifi the French Maid

Me (Fifi)

Fifi and the Stewardess

Me and E

Corky St. Clair

Huz as Corky St. Claire from Waiting for Guffman

Huz (Corky)

Dead Hikers (hypothermia is a bitch)

N and T (dead hikers)


A (cow)

Amelie and Fifi (or Sober and Not Sober)

L (Amelie) and Me (Fifi)

L and Me (sober and not sober)

Robert Palmer and his girl (she had a guitar)

F (Robert Palmer) and A (his girl)

Fifi and Prisoner (uh oh!)

Maid and Prisoner Caught on Film

Fifi and Catholic School Girl

Me and L

L (Catholic School Girl) and Me
Hand Ice Cube

Punch and Hand Ice Cube

The Spread (wish I had eaten more of this – looks tasty!)

The Spread

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

I Forget What They Were Supposed to Be

D and K


Me (Fifi French Maid), E (Stewardess), P (Prisoner)

P operates on ice hand...looses pinky



I Carved Some Pumpkins Too

Mini Pumpkin

Mini Pumpkin

Porch Pumpkin