This morning began with a fight. Yes, Huz and I actually fight, although you wouldn’t know it from my blog (or from my personal conversations with you – I just don’t really share dirty laundry very much. PMS stories, bedroom activity, and poop, yes, but marital discussions? Not so much.).

Anyway, lately I am finding it hard to be married to an academic – someone who is extremely intelligent and passionate about a field that I simply don’t get. Theology. Sounds noble and all, but I’m just not that in to it. And yet. I want to be actively, intellectually involved in my own life and in my husband’s life, so I expect him to talk to me about his day and what he’s studying and thinking about. And yet. I don’t get it when he tries to tell me. Instead of feeling like I’m in an engaging conversation about big ideas, I feel small and I feel dumb. Our paths have really taken us far from where we began back in high school and we’ve been best friends the whole time, some how traveling paths that are parallel (if not parallel in career interests, then in support and love of one another and our respective goals and interests). That support and love is still there, but sometimes I fear that our paths are going very different directions and if I can’t be interested in (or understand) what he’s so passionate about, how can I really know him? I refuse to be one of those academic wives whose realm is just in the home or in the practical world, while the academician husband is rocking it in the university world. I’m smarter than that, damn it! I want to be engaged in the intellect too, not just talk about the cats and what are we going to do this weekend or why I am not ovulating! Blah. Herein ends the vent session – thanks for listening.

Surprising as it may seem (after the above), we just had a great weekend together. As you know, I got my hair done which made me feel like a hot momma (which I really needed as I was down and feeling ugly all last week). Then we went on a lovely fall day walk together around our neighborhood, followed by a movie, which was pretty good. Finally, we each enjoyed a five course meal at the Mad Platter – a lovely little place that was rustic, yet romantic. Here’s the menu: 1. Soup – I had German potato and bacon, Huz had butternut squash bisque with cinnamon sour cream (his was better; I was jealous); 2. Salad – I had greens with goat cheese, artichoke hearts, and olives, Huz had an apple salad of some sort; 3. Appetizer – I had an awesome mushroom-stuffed ravioli with a rosemary cream sauce (I wanted to eat this for the entree, it was SO good), Huz had a quail dish with sweet potatoes; 4. Entree – I had pumpkin seed coated salmon steak atop smoked cheese mashed potatoes and roasted autumnal vegetables, Huz had a Cajun beef stew over grits; 5. Dessert – I had bananas foster which was really sweet but really good, Huz had the “Elvis” which was chocolate cake with various layers of chocolate ganash. All in all, it was a lovely meal and I’d definitely go again.