I have had nothing but trouble from this company. I made a substantial purchase ($47 is a lot to me) on 9/24 and was sent an email confirmation that my order would arrive in 7-10 business days. Two weeks later I sent an email (because there is no phone number listed anywhere) inquiring about my order that was supposed to arrive in days, not weeks and they responded with a general email that said it would take 3-5 weeks despite what my email confirmation said. I was not happy with this and emailed again asking for a refund – they ignored it. I looked at my bank account today and the deduction was made 2 days ago. Still no order in my mailbox. I emailed them this afternoon and they instantly resent the exact 3-5 week email, followed quickly with an “your order was shipped on 10/13” email. This company sucks. They are clearly seeking first-time customers only (or teenagers who can only afford $1 a piece cosmetics) and not repeat customers. They won’t have my business again and I hope you don’t give them any either. I’m fully expecting the product (if I ever get it) to be of poor quality, as I’ve heard as much after I bought it. Ugh. Live and learn. Do research on stuff before you buy it.

[I finally received the order in the mail and it’s all hosed up. I got duplicates on most things I ordered one of and am missing some big gift sets. They put a generic sheet in the order that said any missing items were out of stock, sorry for the inconvenience (blah, blah, blah), and that I won’t be charged for them. But, hello? All $47 were taken out of my bank account on Monday. Where’s my fucking $23, bitches? So, again, I had to email these fourth graders and wait to see what pre-generated email they’re going to send me now. ARGHHH! Does anyone have a phone number for this company? Would the better business bureau have one?]