It’s been a quiet week for me here at Through My Lens. Sorry about that. Sometimes there’s a lot of creative juices coursing my veins, sometimes none.

I had my career counseling session on Monday and hated it. I got red in the face, sweaty in the palms, and had to talk about myself and my serious angst over this career thing for an entire hour…to a stranger. It didn’t go badly, but was uncomfortable since I’m not used to it. I took a slew of personality/career interest tests on Wednesday (all of which I’ve taken before, but I figured I’m paying for these sessions, so I better get the most from them and do it all) and now await a call back to schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss the results. I seriously doubt that things will get solved and I’ll have a magical answer to my (at least) five year question, what do I want to be when I grow up, but it’s worth a try. Maybe I’ll continue the sessions until I work past this rough patch that’s had me bound up inside and stuck — like a gooey blob of bubblegum that glues my heel to the parking lot* — for years.

Huz is in Boston for a conference where he’s presenting a paper today. He left yesterday and had a hell of a time getting there: the plane was speeding up for take off when it suddently veered to the side of the runway and the brakes were slammed due to a warning light indicating electrical problems, he deplaned, waited for another one, ran to catch a different airline altogether, had to go to Clevlend then to DC then to Boston, got a cab driver who thought he knew what he was doing and ended up driving him to the wrong hotel, and, finally, he missed the keynote speaker who he really wanted to hear. Also? Also! I was being helpful (alright, sarcastic) when I asked him after he packed whether he remembered his belt (ha ha) and he did. Guess what? I got a text message this morning from him, “Remembered belt, forgot tie.” Oh boy. This trip is one big fiasco. Let’s just hope his paper presentation goes well, shall we?

I wasn’t too lonely last night as a friend joined me for a mexican meal at La Hacienda, then we came back to my house and watched two episodes of A Baby Story and (her favorite) Grey’s Anatomy.

Hey! I forgot to tell you that we joined the 21st century recently by getting TiVo. It’s awesome and I love it. Consequently, we’ve downgraded our Netflix subscription because we’re not getting through all of the movies in a timely fashion, what with all the new t.v. shows to watch. (Do you know about Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations? It’s really good.) Also? Did you know you can access your TiVo from the internet and tell it to record a show for you? Hence Grey’s Anatomy; you’re welcome, Lydia.

Tonight I shall hang out with my dental hygenist. Maybe dinner, maybe a movie.

Tomorrow I go to pick up my veggies and then will go downtown to a big craft fair with the couple that came over for dinner last weekend. Then I will pick up Huz from the airport in the evening.

Sorry if I bored you – just wanted to catch you up on the exciting/not-so-exciting happenings of me – Victoria B.O.R.I.N.G. Winters.


*Do you know that happened to my cool new Chicago shoes after I only wore them maybe 3 times? Grrr.