We adopted Cambridge three years ago this Tuesday (September 26th, which is also the date we were engaged. Everybody now…”ahhhhh”). As you know, I’m really bad with surprises, meaning I want to give people (and cats) gifts as soon as I get them. So when I went out on Saturday to run errands, I went to the Cat Shoppe to get her a gift. While there, I decided to get another Eddie for Neville.

Eddie is a mouse made out of an eraser that he just loves because it flies over the hardwood floors like nobody’s business. Only problem is? Eddie gets lost: a lot. Not wanting to break Neville’s heart by explaining to him that Eddie had, er, gone to heaven (apparently, since he’s not been seen for months), I snuck off to the store to get him another one. I brought it home and told him, look Neville, it’s Eddie!, and he got spastic and galloped all over the house with him for a good 15 minutes before…LOOSING HIM AGAIN. I have no idea where Eddie is and I even got on my hands and knees with a freaking flashlight looking under every piece of furniture we have, all to no avail. There goes another $1.99.

Anyway, I bought Cambridge a birthday/adoption (we’re conflating the two for sake of ease) gift and was so controlled: I didn’t show it to her or give it to her for one whole day. She got her gift three days before her birthday, but that’s pretty good for me.

Neville, in his angst over loosing Eddie again, decided that the colorful wool ball I got Cambie was pretty cool. Eddie who?, he hollered, as he swooped in and stole her ball with his big gray mitts. Then he proceeded to go crazy playing with it soccer style.

Behold the mighty hunter.



The Mighty Hunter

The Mighty Hunter