Dude. I’m up to 39 dead fruit flies now and I haven’t even added more booze or soap to the dish. This is the best bug-killing method, EVER.

Don’t you love it when you have a new couple over to your house and you end up laughing and sharing like you’ve known each other for years? I do. Huz made a kick ass meal, as usual, for our new friends last night which included roasted pork tenderloin in a mushroom gravy, butternut squash and red pepper casserole, and broccoli rabe from our CSA. It was magical. Good food set atop a nicely laid out table with freshly pressed linens and flickering candles in amber glass; laughter and good natured bantering between spouses; red wine warming our throats on its way down; sharing our his/herstory which reminds me of just how special my marriage really is; being affirmed that photography may just be something I’m good at…it was just lovely.

So far, this has been the laziest Sunday. It’s 12:39p.m. and I’m still in my pjs. I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at cosmetics online because my new girlfriend from last night told me about this website that is currently selling its stuff for a mere dollar. That’s right, a dollar. It’s freakin’ awesome. Go here. Spend money. You’re welcome.

[Added later to say – DON’T waste your time or money on this company. They have awful customer service and they lie about how long it takes to get it. See a follow-up post here.]