Congratulations, Patricia! You were the closest. I tried to take a picture, but without a macro lens, I can’t focus very closely. I counted twice and it’s definitely 23 dead flies. I don’t know about yours, but Tennessee fruit flies seem to prefer red wine to white (we have something in common, fruit flies and I). What dumb booze hounds they are – it’s like lemming-style binging: to the death.

23 Dead Fruit Flies

I’ve got that fall feeling and I like it. It’s my favorite season, what with the refreshingly cool mornings and evenings. Today was just all around gorgeous. Sunny blue skies and a crisp not quite 70 degree air. I love this weather: “sweater and a mocha weather” is what I like to call it.

Here’s how I’m welcoming in my favorite season. I brought out the sour dough starter and made some bread, which I haven’t done all summer. It went a little crazy after its last feeding.

Sour Dough Starter Gone Wild

Sour Dough Starter Gone Wild

I bought a lovley bouquet of pencils. Don’t you just love how self-referential these are? Cracks my shit up. Maybe they’re supposed to be for children, or English as a second language folks, or for memory loss patients, but I love them.

Self-Referential Pencils

I found the coolest new slippers, ever. I’m going to buy the pattern for these babies and knit some myself! Love.Them. They make me do a happy dance every time I slip them on, plus they keep my feet warm!

Mary Jane Socks

What are you doing to welcome in the new season?