I can’t dance, but I’m definitely watching the finale tonight. I voted
for Benji but would also be pleased if his cousin won. Travis was really very good, but lacks some maturity that I think is needed for the title. I also enjoyed Donyelle when she danced with Benji, but other than her beautiful eyes and a good booty to shake, she’s just not as sharp as the others. I’ve been watching all season and I just have to ask, what’s up with the host’s wacky outfits? Also did anyone else notice how crooked her nose is when she wore her hair up that one night?

[Benji won but it really could have been either him or Travis. Both were great to watch – Benji for his great personality (both while performing and in his interactions with other dancers and the judges) and great Swing/Ballroom moves and Travis for his long, lean contemporary moves. Both have a great future ahead of them I’m sure.]