A friend emailed me today and wondered if there was something wrong because I haven’t posted much lately. Nope, nothing’s wrong. There’s just not a lot going on right now (or I’m too lazy to post about it).

My tomatoes are getting red (I took pictures this morning and will post them tonight) which causes me great excitement. This doesn’t mean that I’m not already up to my eyeballs in tomatoes due to our CSA membership, but these babies are mine, damn it! I planted them, pruned them, watered them, cried over them, and re-planted them. They better be really freakin’ good is all I have to say. I need to figure out exactly when you’re supposed to pick them – when are they ripe – which exact shade of red should they be? Any suggestions? The mint plant continues to thrive (mojitos? check. mint iced tea? check. pick some and dry it for winter? no but I will.) as does the basil, rosemary, and parsley.

In TMI news, I think I may have finally ovulated this month. It’s my fourth month off the Pill and since I’ve had right abdominal pain as well as an elevated temperature for the past four days, I think my pipes may be working again. Rusty, perhaps, but working. Only time (and further charting) will tell.

What else? Oh, yes. I have a fantastic husband. He made a very special evening for me last night complete with a romance CD he made (he used to make me mixed tapes in high school – everyone sigh in unison, “oooohhhhhh how swwweeetttt.”) and a full body massage with some mighty good non-sleep activity following. Needless to say, I’m all smiles today!