I gave my friend’s husband a black eye this weekend and I swear it wasn’t payback for all the damn Draw Four’s he kept giving me in our raging Uno game the night before.

We had an A.W.E.S.O.M.E. time rafting yesterday. Even if I gave Patrick a black eye with my paddle (totally on accident) and even if the back of my arm is bruised after flying out of my raft seat in into the dudes (Huz and Thunder) sitting behind me. We had a great rafting guide (didn’t hurt that he was the best looking one out there) who sensed that we were a crazy group and would do anything wild he suggested on the river. We flipped our raft over by steering ourselves into a white water area sideways and on the count of three throwing ourselves to the left, which tipped that baby right over and threw all 6 of us out [I’m not sure how our guide managed to keep a hold of the raft and ride it upside down for 10 minutes after this, but he was cool like that] then we swam/floated down the river for a while. Lydia and I managed to do some awesome moves on our float down. It was radical, like this. We also did 360’s through some pretty swift moving water and sideways again through a rough area which threw 2 of us out (Patrick and Emily) and me off my seat, but not out. Then Lydia (who was a rafting virgin) and I got to “ride the bull” through the last 2 or 3 rapids which meant we got out of our seats and straddled the front of the raft hanging on for dear life and we went through some sinus flushing areas (literally). It was great fun and I want to do it again – right now!

The drive down was also great – lots of stupid jokes and side-splitting laughter (my favorite thing in the world). We crammed into one hotel room (we’re so naughty) and played some Uno, drank cheap beer, and teased each other about no stealth baby-making allowed once the lights went out.

Thanks for a great time, guys! I look forward to out next adventure. Let’s make reservations soon.