Okay, because Cheryl pointed out how abnormal it was for grumpy ol’ Victoria to have an optomistic “I Love” list, here’s the opposite.

I Hate:

When websites play music at me without asking my permission.

When people turn around in my driveway. Yes, at least I have a driveway, but still. Can’t they see that it’s a dead end street? Why must the drive all the way down to the very end and then come into my personal space to turn around? Sheesh.

How my hyperlinks aren’t showing up. Can you see that I’m hyperlinking here? Somebody help!

That my friend is in Australia and New Zealand for most of the summer. I miss her!

2:00p.m. Really, I do. It’s always at 2:00 when I hit a wall and want to fall asleep at my desk. It’s only 12:42p.m. right now, but it feels like the dreaded 2:00. Blech.

Not having any fun, social events planned for the weekend. Ho hum.