This was my girly day. I met a girlfriend at the Water Tower Marshall Field’s for a MAC makeover. I came in blah and left BRIGHT and CHEERFUL with GREEN and PURPLE BUTTERFLY EYES!

Mac makeoverMAC makeoverMAC makeover

Then we went all dolled-up and had lunch and conversation at the Grand Luxe Cafe. Surprisingly, I didn’t get as many stares as I thought I would (not that I think I was HAWT, but it was awfully bright makeup to me!). Afterwards, I rode the L back up to meet Huz and drove up to the northern suburbs to spend the night with some other friends. We had dinner with them and got to see their son who was only 1-month-old when we left. It was pretty awesome: he took his first steps that night!

We left the northern ‘burbs and headed down to do some of the touristy stuff I had always wanted to do, namely, an architectural boat tour. It was awesome. I took 2 rolls of film and hope to develop some more black and white pictures to hang on my walls at home. Here’s some from the digital camera, mostly by Huz.

Yankee Hotel Fox Trot



After the tour we went to Millennium Park and I took a few shots of my favorite sculpture which is locally known as “The Bean.”

"The Bean" and a Bird - Millenium Park

"The Bean" Millenium Park

"The Bean" Millenium Park

Then I took some of kids playing in the face-water-fountain-sculpture-thingies.

Children Playing at Millenium Park

Millenium Park

We ended this perfect day by going to the 96th floor of the Hancock building for martinis and a cheese plate. The view from the lounge was great, but it was even better from the women’s bathroom. Check it.

Chicago from the Hancock Building

Navy Pier from the Hancock Building


(Hope I didn’t give you vertigo on that last one!)

We woke up at yet another friend’s house and spent the morning with my girlfriend. She was a co-worker when I first moved to Illinois and became my first and closest friend. She just had a second baby, who is 8 weeks old, and he is cute, small and sweet as can be. We chatted over breakfast and had to say goodbye too soon. Then we were off to the airport again (alas, a friend drove us so we had no more Crazy Stripper Lady action).

Goodbye Chicago! I’ll miss you.

Chicago from above