I’m tired. We had a good visit with my Mom and step-Dad, but sleeping on an air mattress for 3 nights affected my sleep. Plus? It was freaking HOT this weekend, so the heat zapped my energy big time. I didn’t hear my alarm clock for a good 10 minutes this morning, then I finally stumbled out of bed to turn it off. I made my side of the bed (Huz was still sleeping…probably still is, the punk) and laid down on top of the comforter, you know, just for a little “rest.” Next thing I knew I had 30 minutes before I needed to leave for work. I made it out the door in the nick of time, but I can tell I was half-asleep getting ready to go; I just went to the bathroom at work and looked in the mirror. I’m wearing purple eyeliner, but I thought I put on brown. Yeesh. At least my shoes match!

We wanted to do some Nashvillian things with Mom and step-Dad, with the exception of anything country western because none of us like that genre of music AT ALL. So, we went to a very Southern restaurant for breakfast (the line was crazy long, but the biscuits and homemade preserves were pretty darn good). We went on a driving tour of downtown (all 3 blocks of it) and then to Huz’s favorite bar to sample some of their beers (step-Dad is a beer drinker too). We made them a belated Christmas dinner that we still owed them. Huz made a wonderful grilled roast with marinated portabellos and blue cheese and I made chocolate strawberry shortcake with white chocolate mousse, both of which were well received. We went on a 3 mile hike around Radnor Lake on Sunday afternoon, which was a tad bit cooler than Saturday. Being from Colorado, I think they enjoyed seeing what a Southern forest looked like. No pine trees, but lots of vines and poison ivy. We even saw some wildlife – deer, a snake, frogs, otters, ducks, weasels, turtles, a big fat centipede, and some baby birds.

Also? We went shopping. My Mom always buys me something when she visits, which I feel guilty about, but I suppose I shouldn’t. It’s her way of showing us that she loves us and wants to help us out. I’ve been looking for a rug to go with our new sofa and chair so she bought one for us. (Thanks Mom!) It should arrive this week and I’ll be sure and take a pic of it to show you. She also bought us a charcoal grill (only $30 on sale!) at Home Depot because Huz had to squat to use the little tiny one we’ve been borrowing from a friend. I’m sure his quadriceps will be grateful.

It was a good visit and I’m very glad they came. The cats warmed up to them nicely and by the end Cambridge was cuddling with my Mom in bed instead of me.

[In addition to a cool new wool rug and grill, my Mom was sweet enough to bring me a whole bunch of really stylish maternity clothes! Somebody’s excited to be a grandma! Now Huz and I just need to get cracking so I can fill these clothes out.]