We’re going out of town this weekend. What’s Missouri like? I’ve never been there before. (Do you know that my husband is such a nerd that he wants to get a map and put pins in it for every state we go to? He’s adorable like that.) We’re going to a friend’s wedding, but not simply as guests. I have been asked to be one of two photographers for the event. I agreed, but am trepidacious at the thought that I’ll screw up. I hope I remember to pack my camera (that’s my biggest fear) and that the battery stays all nice and charged and that I take some cool shots that will do the bride and groom justice.

My other fear about going? That Neville won’t understand the concept that we’re leaving him for a while and that the 3 days worth of food we leave out for him and his sister should be rationed for 3 days. I fear that the bowls brimming with food in front of him will cause his head to twitch, his eyes to expand saucer-like, and his jaw to slacken so that a little drool will come out. I fear that he’ll turn into a grey Garfield and will eat the whole lasagna in one sitting. If this happens (him eating all the food and leaving none for his tiny sister), so help me, I’ll punt that grey football across the room as I run to pick up the skeleton cat (that would be Cambie) and feed her pudding with a spoon. (Whoa. That was some crazy stream of consciousness there.)

Wish Cambridge luck. Oh, and me as I take pictures. Thanks.

Also? I discovered what our future will be like once we procreate. I can’t wait.