Well, we survived the party and had a fun time. I got sloshed, but so did everyone else so I think I over-shared just as much as they did (you know who you are). Here’s some scenes from our 2006 Cinco de Mayo Cocktail Party (you’re welcome for remembering to take them…not sure how I did).

First, we decided to free either of us from bartending all night by making it a DIY bar. Here’s the nifty menu we came up with (I love working somewhere that has a laminator!). Click on it for a bigger picture.

DIY Cocktail Menu

Here’s the bar. It was a very popular place all evening.

The DIY Bar

Here’s the house before the party. Do you love my hot new hallway and kitchen colors or what!?

Hot Hallway and Kitchen Colors

Hot Hallway Color

Huz (who, despite the looks of it, was not yet drunk) made some yummy fruit tarts with apples in cajeta sauce (goat milk caramel) and berry compote.

Hot Huz Preparing Fruit Tarts

Fruit Tarts ala Huz

And some deelish margarita-infused pineapple. He’s pretty much my resident culinary rock star.

Margarita Pineapple ala Huz

Here I am before the party (in case you were wondering).

Pre-Party Me

And then we had some friends and major drinking action ensue.



The night progressed and ended up with Huz passed out on the (old) couch.

Huz Passed Out

And with me and some walk-home-distance friends outside smoking-and-a-drinking.

Me, Drunk, Tequila

Smoking Drunk

Oh, yeah. At some point during the night my friends decided to make up a new grocery list for me and Huz (this was payback because I did the same a few weeks ago – what goes around comes around).

Friends Re-Do My Grocery List

It was a fun night, but the next day SUCKED. Oh, the headaches. Oh, the nausea. I’m think I’m too old for this.