We’re having a cocktail party tonight with about 20-25 people jammed into my little house. It should be a fun time. This is our 3rd cocktail party we’ve thrown, but we’re doing it totally differently this time. Usually Huz is the bartender making things off the drink menu we made for the evening. Problem with this is? Huz is stuck behind the bar all night and can’t socialize at his own party. So we’re doing it DIY style tonight. We’ll have fruit and mint for muddling, some yummy syrups Huz is going to make (mint, ginger, simple), juices, club soda, and, of course, some booze. We’re making up recipe cards for those who want guidance, but we’re also looking forward to the creativity that will come of it.

If I remember to, I’ll take some pictures of the event. Wish us luck and Happy Cinco De Mayo!