I am a new member of a Community Supported Farm. This one to be exact. This means that I get a share of fresh, organic produce every week for the next 26 weeks. How cool is that? Here’s our first week’s bounty:

The Bounty

All greens this week – spinach, arugula, lettuce, and a small handfull of cilantro and dill. Since I’ve busted my butt (actually my arms and shoulders) painting for the last 3 days, Huz has been good enough to make dinner each night. Saturday night he made chicken* with chipotle cream and spinach. It was dee-lish. Sunday night he made an arugula risotto with a green salad and some of my homemade sourdough bread. I never knew arugula could have so much flavor. So far, I’m enjoying knowing where my food came from and getting to meet the people who grew it. Hopefully the produce will get a bit more exciting in the weeks to come.

*I’m not so much a vegetarian yet, but at least it was grain-fed chicken.