Nobody tagged me for this* but I’ll do it anyway.

3** Weird Things About Me That I Haven’t Blogged About Yet:

1. I fall asleep MUCH earlier than I should. Half the time it’s on the couch while I’m reading or watching the tube. Huz and I watch SNL every (surprise, surprise) Saturday and inevitably I’ll wake up at 1 a.m. next to an also-sleeping husband and the t.v. will still be on. Or we’ll be watching a Netflix movie (if Huz picked it it’s destined to be a Russian film that is always b.o.r.i.n.g to the extreme, so I typically only see 10 minutes of it before the back of my eyelids). I’m only 30, but my bedtime is pretty much 10p.m.

2. I used to count things obsessively as a child. You know, stop signs, chairs around the table, the usual. But the thing is? I wouldn’t just count them in my head. No. I had to click my teeth whilst counting. I’d be in the backseat and we’d pass a stoplight so I’d click my molars three times while I counted the lights (green, yellow, red). Thank God I outgrew that one.

3. I fart more than my husband. I know gender really has nothing to do with it, but we seem to think it does in our culture. I always tell him that he has a magical butt*** because mine is just incapable of swallowing farts like his is.

On a side (but oh so related) note, Neville is afraid of thunderstorms. Whenever we have anything remotely close to one he runs under the bed in terror. I got home from work the other day and was changing clothes in the bedroom. Neville, as is his custom, followed me into the room and was purring nearby. I let a fart rip and, you guessed it, he dashed under the bed.

You heard it here first, folks, Victoria farts like thunder.

*Sniff! 😦
**It’s supposed to be 6 but I don’t want to scare you away.
*** It’s cute AND magical – what a deal!