I’m scared. The air is still, the birds are quiet, and the tornado alarms are going off. They let us off of work 2 1/2 hours early so I went home to protect my cats. Huz is out of town and I’m home alone. I grew up in the mountains; we didn’t have to deal with this. What do I do? Jump in the tub with my cats? Put my bicycle helmet on? Jump into a closet? Every room in my house has a window and I don’t have a basement.


[I’m okay and Huz is okay. 19 tornados moved through middle Tennessee yesterday afternoon. 167 homes in Gallatin (not too far from Nashville) were destroyed and 40 in another town nearby. I transported the cats to a friend’s house so that I wouldn’t be alone. They were okay, but a bit stressed and I left them in their carriers for an hour. Then I went back home and got their catbox and food and let them loose in my friend’s study. Cambie was very upset because of the smell of the resident cat and started to hiss and growl at Neville (I think she thought he was the stranger cat). I decided to bring them back home because it was way too stressful for them. I ended up staying home then because the storms had moved south of Nashville at that point. It was pretty scary because I’ve never dealt with tornados before AND because Huz was out of town. What a way to start the weekend, eh!?]