It’s ironic that I finally saw a Chicago band in concert after I moved away from there. I’m funny like that though. I catch on to things pretty late: “Friends?” Started watching it when it was nearly over. Capri pants? Hated ’em when they came out and finally succumbed to liking and wearing them a year later. “Seinfeld?” Never saw any that weren’t reruns. Making friends? Made close ones about a year or two before I moved away from them all.

I went to the Ryman Auditorium Friday night to see Wilco perform. First of all, the theater was great – no bad seat in the house because it was so small and intimate (the seats were wooden pews!). We never would have gotten that in Chicago unless it was a no-name band performing in a small bar venue or something. I remember the R.E.M. concert we went to for Huz’s birthday one year – I think I saw the light glint off of Michael Stipe’s head a few times, but we were so far above the stage I couldn’t see much else (I think he had eye makeup on in the shape of a bandit’s mask, but I couldn’t tell you for sure). And we paid how much for those tickets!? About $80 each I think. But on Friday we saw Wilco up close and personal for a mere $28 each. And how they rocked. We were in a great section of people who didn’t sit down once so I got to really just let loose, forgetting the exam I had just taken in class and the one I had the very next morning, and dance all night. Jeff Tweedy is awesome and I love both the experimental sounds he makes and his rough voice. If you like Wilco and get a chance to see them live, I highly recommend it.