I’m a worry wart naturally, but today sucks. Bad. And it’s only 8:30a.m.

First, Neville is still bleeding. Huz is at the vet with him as I type this. I’m worried that he’ll have worms or some bowel disease or something awful. I dreamed that he died last night.

Second (and more importantly), my youngest sister was in the hospital last night. She threw up blood and my Mom took her to the ER. They ruled out hepatitus, but she has an enlarged liver, a bladder infection, and was given ulcer medicine. She’s in a lot of pain but they released her and told her to see her regular Dr. to schedule more tests. I hate being so far way. I HATE it. I’ve cried twice today already.

Please send your love and get well vibes to both my little grey kitty in Nashville and to my lovely young sister in Colorado. Thank you.

[Huz just called and the vet said it’s colonitus, which isn’t too unusual in cats. Any kind of irritant in the bowel can cause it – hair, strings, peanuts… He gave him an anti-inflammatory and some canned food that we’ll try to get him to eat (he won’t, but we’ll try). He said if it happens more than once or twice a year we need to bring him back in for tests. So the peanut probably caused it and once it heals, it should go away. Keep your fingers crossed.]