Okay, you asked for it (nobody said, “hell no!” in the comments, so…).


Ah the 80s. Here I am as a ten-year old, circa 1986. I was a proud Girl Scout (luckily without boobs yet or I would have thrown my back out) with an awesome perm and huge, plastic glasses.

Victoria - The Awkward Years

Here’s another gem from a year later. I had my bangs pushed to the side to hide the fact that my Mom (love you, Mo) had done her usual butcher job* on them. Looks like the trend in glasses that year was to go even bigger (as if my cheeks really needed a prespcription!?). I also dig the geometric shirt – that’s some definite fashion skillz there, folks.

Victoria - The Awkward Years

Ahem. Anyone still out there? (A cricket chirps.)


My Mom doesn’t cut my bangs anymore. Instead, I pay out the whazoo to have somebody younger than me do it. Here I am last Thursday after going to get my hair cut. It’s a tad better 20 years later, no?

Hair Cut - What do you think?

*If you think I was just being mean to my Mom, here’s evidence of the said bang butcherage.

Victoria - The Bad Bang Years