The Uninspired Muse is my new name. I feel compelled to post something; not because I have anything in particular to say at the moment, but because I don’t want to lose any readers. I do this for you, people. (Actually, I do it for your comments. I’m selfish that way.)

Let’s see…I have a fat cat. A fat cat I have.

Neville was only 7 1/2 lbs when we adopted him in December (in fact that’s one of the reasons I chose him – he was about the same size as Cambridge). Look at his skinny little face, would you?

And then there was Neville!

Then? He grew. Between Dec. 11th and Feb. 21st, he gained a whopping 2 1/2 lbs. The vet showed some concern over this rapid weight gain, but isn’t too worried yet. Maybe it’ll be more of an issue when he gets to 15 lbs? He said Neville has a “Buddha belly” which highly amused me, especially since it’s still shaved from when we adopted him (why the shelter had to shave a MALE cat to neuter him is beyond me).

Huz was keen enough to notice the similarity between a cat on a cookie package of ours and Nevsie The Ten Pound Wonder. I think he’s on to something. Now, if only I could find some cat Bermuda shorts, we’d be set.

Does This Remind You of Someone?

Dead Bug

Much to her chagrin, Cambridge did have a say in the adoption of her dear brother. Here’s proof – she was reading over the adoption application as I filled it out back in December. She didn’t seem to mind at all at the time.

Approving the adoption/a>

She does love him, even if he’s getting on the chubby side. The only time she seems to mind his weight gain is when he kicks her ass plays with her and when he squeezes into bed with her. Actually, half the time he just lays down smack dab on top of her. He seems to enjoy this activity very much, though, judging by the frequency of it and by the sadistic little laugh he lets out every time he does it.

Bed Fellows