As you can see, the children got tuckered out (yes, that sounds southern) so they sprawled out onto the floor.

Relaxing After the Artistic Work

Why were they so tired, you ask?

Take a guess.

1. Was it because they wrestled all day and needed to recoop?
2. Was it because I played tag with them and they chased me all over the house for 10 minutes?
3. Was it because they watched squirrels and birds all day which caused their tails to flick at a such a rapid pace that it wore them out?

While all of the above are true, their fatigue on this particular day happened to be because of arts and crafts. Yes, I said arts and crafts. Don’t your cats help you with arts and crafts!? Mine do.

They helped me make a birthday card for Emily (Happy Birthday Em!).

Here’s their work.

Homemade card

Notice how much bigger Neville is than Cambridge (he’s the green and she’s the pink), yet she still picks fights with him on a daily basis. She’s nuts.

Here’s proof that Cambridge helped out – I couldn’t get it all the pink ink off and, consequentially, had little pink paw prints on my bathroom sink. She is the water whore, remember?

Evidence of Artistic Work
(Yes, I realize that I need a kid.)