Did I tell you that I started a class last week? I’m taking one of five science courses needed before I apply to grad school, so I’m starting with Human Anatomy and Physiology at a local community college (yes, I could go to Vanderbilt, but even with my staff discount it would be ridiculously expensive). So far it’s okay. I’ve learned all of this stuff before (basic chemistry, cell structure and organelles, DNA transcription and translation, etc.) but I need it on the transcript to continue my education, so reviewing I will continue! I pass by a Target everytime I go to class (Friday nights – major bummer, let me tell you, and Saturday mornings – surprisingly less of a bummer for some reason) which is kind of dangerous because I like Target and always seem to find something that I need* there.

For example, this wallet.

Cool new wallet

Cute, huh? It’s smaller than my previous wallet (which is why I needed** it). It looks great with my green purse – mucho colorful, no?

*Okay, want.
**Okay, wanted.