Watching American Idol last night was a mixed bag for me. I had to hit mute for the 5 minutes of Jerry Springer-esque garbage put on by the ho squeezed into the silver tube top. Puhlease. I tuned in to watch singing, not pimped up bitches putting on a cuss frenzy. Oh and the girl in her stripper-mommy’s lingerie? Ew.

The show can be over as far as I’m concerned. Not because it’s lacks entertainment – oh it is definitely entertaining – did you hear that horrible rendition of “Fame” and did you see the Michael Jackson white boy? Oh.My.Gawd. But I think it truly can be over because the winner is evident. Quite evident as far as I’m concerned. Paris Bennett was absolutely wonderful – she gave me shivers! She’s beautiful, poised, and truly a professional with a strong, gorgeous voice that demands an audience (an awed one at that) – and it all comes in a cute, little 17 year-old package!

The show ends with this girl.