Guess which member of my household is currently on my shit list…go ahead, guess.

You: “Could it be Huz?”

Um, no. Take a look at the fab dinner he made me last night.

Proscuitto-Wrapped Tilapia, Mashed Fingerling Potatoes, and Snow Peas Courtesy of the Best Husband Around

How could such an awesome man be on my shit list? This was prosciutto-wrapped tilapia, mashed fingerling potatoes, and snow peas. For what? No reason. He just likes to cook. (You may all heave a collective jealous sigh now.)

You: “How ’bout Cambridge?”

This sweet thing?

Sink Cat

No, not her either. In fact, ever since we got Neville she’s been extra sweet and sleeps with on me in bed every night.

You: “That must leave Neville?”

Well, I know he looks awfully cute and innocent:


Where's the BBQ Sauce? I want to chew this cutie up!

Tabby Love

But I woke up this morning and discovered that he had a rather destructive evening whilst I was peacefully slumbering only feet away. Take a load of my new table runner, not to mention my poor plant which I found uprooted and lying on the chair.

Neville's Destructive Behavior (or Why He's on My Shit List)

Oh, and this was on the couch.

Neville's Destructive Behavior

Neville, can you say “dog?” You’re a cat, man, act your species!