Really, we did! Quick gestation period, huh? As you know from the failed attempt with Porter, I have been wanting to expand our little family. So, after looking at potential children at the Nashville Humane Society on Saturday, we adopted a new little boy on Sunday. His name is Neville and he’s a sweet, affectionate boy. See?


Here’s his first encounter with Cambridge (I had him isolated to the study all day, but Cambie was so curious that I let her in to see how they would do face to face). Pretty oblivious these two!



“Wait! Who the hell is that!?” Cambridge demanded.


When she finally figured out that there was a strange cat in her house, she got a little upset. There was some tail puffage and growling on her part, but absolutely nothing but interest in a new cat friend on his. It takes time to introduce new cats to existing ones, that’s all. I isolated them again (overnight) and the next day she showed more positive interst in him.


And he showed the same interest in her.


And then they held hands for the first time.


Well, okay, they didn’t exactly hold hands, but they briefly touched them under the doorway without hissing or growling, which is progress. We’ll continue this gradual process until we let them be together permanently. I can’t wait until they’re friends and I can take pictures of them cuddling – talk about cute!