Well, my toothbrush story won the vote for what to post on, not for its genius or creativity, but for the shear fact that it confused the hell out of all of you. I was just adding something light to the list of possible subjects to write on and you chose it (or were you just being facetious?). I intended no Freudian or sexual undertones at all (me? would I reference sex or body parts on my blog!? How could you think such a thing?). Really, I didn’t. I simply have an issue with the modern toothbrush. They (with a capital T) decided to jump on the ergonomic bandwagon and make toothbrushes with the handles the size of…what’s long and thick? heh heh, my mind wanders…Ahem!…the size of, well, just big, okay!? Because of this, the tools that we use to achieve stellar oral hygiene no longer cause carpal tunnel, but damn if they fit into the toothbrush holder holes anymore! Case in point:

Behold the toothbrush and the hole

Word to the wise, not all Oral B toothbrushes are the same thickness!