To My Friends and Family:

I know I’m high maintenance, I really do, but please realize that Huz is the one who has to deal with the brunt of my high maintenanceness, not you. Therefore, you should consider yourselves lucky. Lucky, I say. You only have two rules to abide by:

Number one: Don’t call me on Wednesday nights.

Wednesdays are Date Night in my house (they used to be on Thursday nights, but I’m so loving that I moved it to accommodate Huz’s extra-curricular schedule). This is the night that we set aside specifically to connect with each other. We usually have dinner and then focused conversation (to escape from the mundane “how was your day” garb) that covers several topics in order to make sure we’re up-to-date on each other’s thoughts and concerns.

Is it a coincidence that date night is on hump day? I don’t think so.

Number two: Don’t call me on Wednesday nights.

Beeyatch, this is when Lost is on! That’s great that you don’t watch it or you have TiVo, but we do (religiously) and we don’t (have TiVo, that is). We don’t particularly like having the tension of Jack grabbing big guns to attack the big black dude interrupted with the loud-ass phone ringing. I’m just saying.