What is a good reason to have a baby? Jen got me thinking in her comment on my last post.

Should I want a baby just because I am not currently satisfied with my life? I’m not suicidal or anything, but I’m just missing the zest for life that I, as a young woman, should have. This feeling is probably caused by a multitude of things, owing to the fact that my life has just drastically changed: I’m no longer a full-time student; I have a brand new job; I just moved to a new state; I am trying to establish community and friends all over again. I don’t feel particularly challenged or stimulated either intellectually or creatively in my life right now. So the idea of having a baby sounds like a good one (and don’t get me wrong, the desire to start a family has been around for several years now). It would bring another person into the family – someone to love and care for. It would relieve the mundane aspects of life and give me something to focus on other than myself (but I adamently refuse to base my identity on motherhood – I will always be Victoria Winters, not so and so’s Mom). But is this really a good reason to have a child? Is it selfish? Why did/do you want to have a child? What is a good reason, really? Is a nagging feeling inside a justifiable reason? Is the desire to love another person? Is the desire to extend the family unit and make it more meaningful (especially around the holidays where traditions and magical moments can be passed down)?