Sometimes you get magazines in the mail at the perfect time. Not only do they relieve my mid-weeknight boredom, but they sometimes have articles on things that I was just thinking about. Amazing.

For example, last month’s Budget Living had an article on buying quality sofas (although the ones shown were expensive, which is ironic considering the magazine’s premise). I have been thinking of buying a new sofa for a while now because 1.) I’ve never had a new one (our first love seat was a hand-me-down from my parents and the second one, our current set, we bought used from a former college professor of ours. I had to save up for slipcovers from Pottery Barn for them because they are an atrocious Sante Fe pattern that is so not me) and 2.) ours do not represent my style or taste At.All (that would be the Sante Fe pattern and I’ve decided that the red slip covers were a bad idea – I should have gone neutral and painted the walls a wild color instead). The sofa article was good and gave me some tips for when I do get around to buying a new one (couches made with glued kiln-dried wood are the best and ones with hardware, like screws, won’t last as long) and it prepared me for how much a quality couch that will last at least a decade will cost (minimum $1k).

This month’s Budget Living just arrived and I’m excited because it has an article on knitted wears, just when I feel like picking up my knitting needles again. How did they know?

It also has an article called, “Can’t sleep? Rest easy with noise!” when I was just thinking about getting an air cleaner for our bedroom so that I can sleep through the musicians next door and the drunken bonfire parties in our other neighbor’s yard. I got so used to sleeping with an air cleaner when I bought one about 8 years ago that it’s been difficult for me to sleep without it. The problem? I had to ditch it in Chicago when we moved here because apparently a 17 foot truck is too small for all of our stuff. (We had to ditch so much stuff because of our misjudgment in truck size, including a book shelf, 2 night stands, a folding table, numerous houseplants, our air cleaner, etc.) So, now I’ll read about it and finally get around to buying it.

Finally, there’s an article on finding an inexpensive sewing machine just when I was thinking about buying one and trying to make my own curtains. We both hate mini-blinds, but have been living with them for years because we rent (and rentals always have them), but we’re tired of them and could really use a change. So, I can make curtains (roman shades are what I really want) for a fraction of the cost of buying them. How the heck did they read my mind?

I’m off to read these timely articles!

p.s. What magazines do you enjoy? I’m always looking for fun, new ones to read. I also get Metropolitan Home, Bon Appetit, and Domino.