On Sunday I went to a cool part of Nashville with a friend. I’ve been meaning to go look at the shops on this particular block of town, called Hillsboro Village, since we got here. It was before noon on a Sunday so, being the Bible belt and all, not a lot was open, but we did get to enjoy a cappuccino and croissant at a patiserie and some window shopping. It’s just got an artsy-vibe to it and I fell in love with the one store that was open (shove it Bible Belt! We’re going to be open, damn it!). It’s called A Thousand Faces and I love it. They’ve got a very eclectic collection of handmade items from metal wine holders and jewelry to pottery and hilarious greeting cards. If they had one that went something like this, I totally would have bought it:

Dear Back Door Neighbors,

How are you? We haven’t met, but I know you’re there. Oh yes, I know you’re there. You were kind enough to announce your presence last night at 2:00a.m. when you had your drunken bonfire party in your backyard, which just so happens to be right next to my backyard, which is just outside my bedroom window. I’m so glad to have met your drunken singing and laughing at the top of your lungs at this blissful time of the morning. How did you know that I’m a morning person? Even though I had to work the next morning, I enjoyed being up until 4:00a.m. listening to your fun times. I trust that you won’t mind that I called the police to pay you a visit at 2:45a.m., which was when I just couldn’t take it anymore. Until next time and, really, it was lovely meeting you.

Yours truly,

Victoria and Huz Winters

But, alas, A Thousand Faces didn’t carry such a greeting card. Oh well. I gave a not-so-subtle hint to Huz when I got home from the store. I handed him their business card and told him that if he ever happened to want to buy me a present, that this place was probably to best place to purchase said gift. It was just me through and through. Handmade pottery frames, fancy knitting yarn, one of a kind jewelry…I could have easily spent hours in this place, but my dear friend had to go home and grade papers (I’m now convinced that teaching is definitely NOT the career for me – especially to high schoolers…Lord have mercy!).