I just spoke to the foster mom and Buddy is ours! 🙂
They’ll drop him off to us tomorrow when I get off of work, so Huz and I will go out tonight and get him all of his stuff (food, bed, toys, brush, etc.). We’re going to rename him – he doesn’t really answer to “Buddy” anyway because they’ve only had him for 2 months. We considered Oxford, but that sounded like we were freakin’ anglophiles, so we were going through ideas last night and Huz suggested Guinness (he’s a beer guy, you know). I suggested Black and Tan, but Buddy is black and white. Then Huz shouted, “What about Porter?” What a great name, I thought. So, Porter it is and I’ll post pictures of him this weekend. Until then, wish us happy cat and dog bonding! 🙂