We’re thinking of adopting Buddy. What do you think? Cute, huh? We had him visit us at our house on Saturday to see how he’d do with Cambridge. It was ADORABLE to see them together.

First we played with Buddy outside while we talked to his foster parents. He was found by Charlie, a police officer, who saw him following a homeless man who he knew didn’t own a dog. So he took Buddy from him and put him up for adoption. He was covered in ticks because he was lost/neglected/something, so they cleaned him up, took him to the vet and got him fixed and checked out. His health is A-ok. He’s really sweet and gentle, so we brought him inside to meet our baby girl. I brought her out of the bedroom and she leaned out as far as she could from my arms to sniff Buddy. I slowly put her down on the floor and she made a wide circle around Buddy, who was just standing there – tail wagging and mouth panting. She made her way to the couch, greeted the foster mom and dad, then jumped up on the coffee table. She sat down and watched Buddy for a while, then she laid down on her side and reached out her little paw to touch his back. It was SO cute! She touched him over and over and he eventually put his face up to hers and they touched noses! hahhahhahaha! It was great. He was really gentle and cautious with her and she was really curious and unafraid with him. It went really well. Now we are just waiting to make sure that the landlord will let us adopt a dog before moving on.

[UPDATE: We got permission, so now I’m just waiting for the foster mom to call me back!]