Okay, now I know that Huz and I have offended some of you dog lovers out there with our blatant breedist prejudice and I apologize. But, the truth remains, we are right. I mean, come on, take a look at these pictures and tell me honestly which dog is cuter. On the one hand, you have an adorable, soft and cuddly yellow lab, like ths one:

cute lab2

And this one:

cute lab3

And this one:

cute lab

Point taken? I mean, they are so cute I think I need some barbecue sauce to dip them in as I eat them up with kisses!

Now, on the other side is the ugly, alien-like, eye-popping pug:

eye pop

YIKES! Get that dog to the hospital before his eyes roll out onto my rug!

If this were a beauty contest, I’d say it’s obvious.

🙂 Tee Hee.