Wow! Was I into my Lost DVD last night. Huz went to a pub with a friend, but I continued on with our plans as if he was still there – Huz or no Huz, I was gonna watch Lost! Unbeknownst to me, it was the finale (it was disc 6 out of 7, so I thought I had one more to go – I guess the last one’s all commentary or deleted scenes).

It was so intense and long that now I’m tired today because I didn’t get my 8 hours of sleep (yes, I actually get 8 hours every night). Oh well, it was worth it.

Here are my thoughts:
1. I hope, hope, hope that Charlie grabbed a broken and empty statue of Mary (he’s Catholic, so this makes sense) and that he’s not getting back on heroine. He’s got Claire and the baby to look after now, so I hope this bypasses his temptation.


2. He was shot, but I don’t think that Sawyer is dead. Of course, this could just be wishful thinking. Yes, I like bad boys with long hair, what can I say?


3. I think that the hatch contains some sort of generator or energy source that powers the island and the “security system.” I may be totally off on this one, but during that last scene when Locke is dragged off by the “security system,” it sounds very mechanical – plus the light that shined through the hatch window needed electricity, right?

I don’t get Locke’s character yet (or why he’s named John Locke – I need to look into that more), but I sure like his smile.


4. Maybe the “others” (talk about othering!) took Walt in order to build up their army. ? This is totally a guess. *shrug*

I’m looking forward to next week to find some answers!