Ok, maybe not. Come to find out, the course I registered for has to be followed by yet another math course just to get into physics, which is what I need for grad school. Forgetabouit! I need the pre-calc that is compacted into one class, not two (the less math classes the better!). I guess I’ll have to wait until next semester (which doesn’t disappoint me as much as you’d think – I hate math, folks). I just better get the money I paid for the class back. Ugh. Sometimes I make a last minute decision and all hell breaks loose.

Huz and I are currently addicted to watching the Lost dvds. We never got to see it on tv last season, so we’re getting caught up so we can see the next season that starts in a week or so. Our week consisted of pretty much the same thing: at night after work and class, we came home, ate dinner, and plopped on the couch watching as many Lost episodes as we could before midnight. It’s really good – much like 24 with all it’s suspense and character development.

I finally made soap last week. This is one of my hobbies, but I’ve neglected it for 2 years since I went back to school full-time and didn’t have the time or energy for it. I spent about 4 hours last Saturday going through my oil inventory and making up a recipe (I had to re-learn how to do it all). I think it came out well – I just unmolded it and need to slice it into bars and then let it cure. I took a few pictures during the process and will post them once I’ve got them cut, so you can see the whole process. I made two kinds: grapefruit and sage/cedar/grass.