As Huz indicated here, I have been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while now. It seems like a cool, edgy thing to do before I turn 30, but I struggle with trying to find the right one. I mean, it’s going to be on my body until I’m dead, so what symbol is meaningful to me now that will still be meaningful to me when I’m old? I’m tossing around the idea of doing something that symbolizes growth and continuous change (or metamorphosis) because I have experienced this through my adult life and it has been a very good journey. I also want to strive to continually grow in my life – in the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual domains. A butterfly could represent this, even though Huz thinks it’s overdone and cliche. (Yeah, but so’s a cross and everybody’s got one of those – yet it still means something to them. *shrug*)

He suggested that I get a big ass tattoo of Cambridge on my back, which got me thinking….and then I found these lovely images that forever changed my mind.

Cat Tattoo

This just screams Elvis on velvet to me. Doesn’t it look like something that would be airbrushed onto a blanket that a street-side vendor would sell? (This reminds me of a wolf blanket, but I’ll tell that one later.)

So, do I want one of these?


Then, there’s this doozy.

I don’t even know what to say about this one. There’s not much meaningful symbolism going on here, that’s for sure. (Hey Cambridge, do you want me to represent your mouth with my ass crack? THAT’S how much I love you!)


Then I found this one, which takes an awful lot of family devotion if you ask me.

Family Devotion, I Guess

Sorry, Mom and Dad, but I don’t think I love you enough to have your portrait engraved into my skin.

So, my search for the perfect tattoo continues. Until I find it, I leave you with this lovely picture. You’re welcome.