As requested, here are some photos of the bush that I went OCD batty on.

Ugly Bush

It’s kind of ugly now, I know, but it’ll fill in eventually (won’t it!?). I cut it because it was blocking like half of that window, which made the dining room really dark. Plus, the view while we sat at our table and ate was all bush. It’s better now, see?

At least we can eat and see now.

Here’s the normal bush on the other side of the door that is short enough not to cover the window and still filled in; I’m hoping this is what the one that I cut will do next Spring.

The normal bush

Here’s the one that I went nuts on and basically cut down to the roots. I still need to dig it up completely because it’s such an eyesore now, but believe me it was worse before. It’ll look MUCH better gone.

Did I go overboard on this bush?

Here’s an annoying tree growing RIGHT next to the house that drops leaves EVERY DAY onto our roof, lawn, steps, etc.

Pesky leaf-dropping tree

It’s actually too close to the house and should be taken down, but the owner won’t do it because it’ll cost them $3,000. Hopefully it won’t cause us any problems other than the annoying leaves, but they had to fix the ceiling in our living room right before we moved in because of water damage caused by leaf-blocked gutters. (This is why we had to paint it last weekend – they still had the spackle on it.) Oh, and notice how close the house next door is? That’s the window to the attic, where those guys were playing music every day of our second week here. Thankfully, they’ve stopped!

Here’s our entrance that is sprinkled with leaves (I eventually want to put flowers in all of those empty pots, by the way). Oh, and see that hose? Well, I learned the difference between cheap hoses and expensive hoses this weekend. I bought the cheapest one I could find because I don’t think I’ll use it much (I have to pay for the water, so that kinda dissuades me from going ape shit on the landscaping) and, guess what? It burst the first time I used it! It’s lying there to remind me to take it back to Home Depot and get my precious $7.95 back.

Leafy Entrance

That’s it so far on the yard.
Are there any more picture requests?