Man, am I tired. I have been training for 3 days and it’s been insane. Not only am I new to Nashville and the place I work at, but I’m also new to the whole medicine language. A very scary thing happened right before I left work today – an email went out to about 300 people that I was now the new person in charge of coordinating their courses, so contact me. YIIIIIKKKKEEEESSSS! I don’t know this shit yet! There is an amazing amount of stuff to know and I feel completely overwhelmed and terrified. Why on God’s green earth was I so anxious to get back to the work environment!? Being a student and getting up for a 10a.m. class is a piece of cake compared to this! (So much for not mentioning work, huh?)

I think Cambie misses me now that I’m a working woman. She just jumped up in between me and my laptop and gave me a big ol’ kiss (this entails pushing her nose on my face and rubbing her cheek on me to mark me with her scent – sounds gross, but it’s rather nice). Sigh. Huz has been a great househusband this week. He’s done chores around the house everyday (dishes, trash and recycling, some painting of a wall and ceiling that still had to be done, and various moving-related things like getting the car insurance transferred and the cable internet (hopefully) ordered). He’s also made dinner every night this week. Yes, I’m spoiled, but it won’t be forever. It’s just this week while he’s not yet in school and just home hanging out. We’ll have to work out a cooperative schedule once he starts classes.

Isn’t it strange that I started reading The Feminine Mystique this past weekend and after about 3 hours of it, I started cleaning the windows in the house? I find that rather paradoxical.