I will not be talking about my job again (hopefully) to ensure that I won’t be “Dooced” because of blogging about it, but I wanted to tell you that I started my new job today. I’m currently really overwhelmed with all there is to know, but I’m sure it will be better soon – I’m typically a fast learner. The people there are all really nice and it’s challenging work that offers quite a lot of autonomy (yes!). I share an office with someone else, which kinda blows, but it’s better than a cubicle.

In other news, Huz and I owe an apology to Thunder. You’re right, Thunder. It’s arUgula, not argula. Sorry! But dinner the other night was really good, wasn’t it? That’s right, folks. We unpacked in four days and entertained after only six days of moving to Nashville! I made a yummy salad with a whole-grain mustard vinaigrette; Huz made homemade pasta with pears, walnuts, gorgonzola and arugula; and I made grasshoppers for dessert (It’s a Martha Stewart recipe with an Oreo crust and homemade chocolate/mint mousse on top. Anyone want me to post the recipe?).