Ok, so I got a job offer yesterday (Admin. Asst. for a corporation – yes, I’m being vague about it because I don’t ever want to loose my job because I talked about it!) and then a few hours later Vanderbilt calls me in for an interview for another position I had applied for earlier this week. I told them that I had just accepted a position somewhere else, sorry. I thought she would just say okay and then hang up, but she persisted and said she really liked my resume and thinks I would be great at the position (another Admin. Asst., but this is also a program coordinator for medical students). I told her the salary I was already offered and she said she’d get back to me if they could match it. (Wait a minute! First, nobody wanted me – now everybody wants me!? What gives? :)) So, she calls back a bit later and says that she spoke to the faculty in charge and they were also impressed with my resume, so could I come in the next day to interview? She said that she is pretty confident that they can match the salary I was promised elsewhere. Wow. So, I’m doing that interview this afternoon. I’ll let you know how it goes!