Sorry my blog has been so boring lately. I’ve just been crazy busy with packing and getting electricity, water, phone and internet (still working on that one!) set up in our new home in Nashville. Also, I decided to volunteer at a local out-patient physical therapy clinic where a friend of mine works. I’m doing this out of the goodness of my heart because if I do indeed decide to go on to grad school in PT, they require an ungodly amount of volunteer hours. Wanna see how I was repaid by the cosmos for doing this good deed yesterday? I’ll show you.

Rain Storm Victim

That’s right, I got stuck in a huge-ass rain storm on my way home from volunteering. Wonderful. Normally, I would have run up my 3 flights of stairs (shoes squishing water out with every step) and straight into the bathroom for a shower, but being the awesome blogger that I am, I ran to the digital camera first and then to the bathroom. (You’re welcome.) I was literally dripping. Can you see the water pouring off of me in this picture?

Drip, Drip

Everything was soaked – my socks, my shoes, my jeans, my bra, my shirt, my hair, my face – everything.

Then, then I tell you, I went to volunteer again this morning and the cosmos was against me AGAIN! No, I didn’t get stuck in another rain storm, instead I got stuck in the heat and humidity while waiting almost 45 minutes for the late-ass bus to arrive on the corner of a not-so-nice intersection. The hot wind was blowing street refuse in my face, sweat was perched on my lip and pooling under the sisters (which, as you know, I HATE), car horns were blasting, and booming car radios were pulsating all around a very hot and increasingly irritable Victoria.

When the CTA finally decided to dispatch a bus, I boarded it, paid my $1.75, and sat down trying to absorb the air conditioning. Two and a half blocks later, the bus broke down. No kidding. It just stopped (as did the oh-so-needed air conditioning). We sat there for a while as the driver fiddled with the controls and I decided TO HELL WITH IT and got off. I walked 5 blocks back home (getting there an hour after I had left) pissed off and hot as hell. Guess volunteering isn’t meant to be!