When Huz and I went to Belgium, it was his goal to have as many different kinds of Belgian beer as possible (sans being drunk). Well, he didn’t do too bad, considering that he had 18 beers in 11 days (only 6 of which were in Belgium). He wanted to have all 6 of the Trappist beers (the ones made specially by Trappist monks), but had a hell of a time finding the last one because even in Belgium it was a rarity. Well, (concidentally? I think not.) on our last night there we went to a cafe and they actually had it. He was so excited that he asked the bartender to let him keep the cap. He brought it home and had no idea what to do with it, but knew he wanted to keep it as a momento.

I decided it may be kinda cool to frame it in a shadowbox frame, so I went to Target and bought one and then used some oragami paper that some friends gave me as the background. Cute, eh?

Beer Cap Meets Crafty Girl

Now if only I could come up with a cool display idea for all of our foreign coins we’ve collected. Any ideas?