Well, apparently I have a tall personality – that or the internet puts on inches (do I look fat in this template?). These guys guessed that I was taller than I really am and so far all of you blogger buddies have guessed heights that I’ve only dreamed of. No, I’m not a midget, but I DO round up to have my driver’s license say 5’3″. That’s right. I’m 5’2 1/2″! Surprised? What else do you wanna know about me? You can forget about my weight, but I may be game to let other cats out of the bag. (No, not you Cambie!)

I’m offended.

Not by you Internet(s), but by my neighbors. See, I decided to be nice and give away a large Mexican floor vase with a rubber flower arrangement that I made years ago. I decided to part with it because it’s just not my style anymore (any flowers that aren’t real are NOT my style anymore). I could have just trashed the thing, but it’s big and somebody may find it a pretty addition to their living room or bedroom. So I carried it down to the lobby of my apartment building and put a sign next to it that said, “FREE! Please take me.” Well, I went down there a little bit ago to check my mail and somebody took the sign, but left the vase and flowers! Now, that means one of two things to me: either the person decided that my hand-printed sign was nicer looking than the flowers (and that the flowers were just downright ugly) or the person is a complete moron and thought that the sign was to be taken for free, as opposed to the flowers. Of course, there is a third option, which I also considered. The flowers look nice in the lobby and maybe that’s where the neighbors want them to stay.