Huz and I went to one of my favorite places yesterday: the Evanston Farmer’s Market. It is a large market set up every Saturday morning and it’s full of fresh produce that makes me a happy Victoria. Here’s some photos of it for ya.

Fresh Out of the Ground

Sweet Green Packages of Yum

Farmer's Market Garlic

Farmer's Market Cherries

Evanston Farmer's Market

The best part of going to the Farmer’s Market, besides enjoying the cool, sunny morning by getting out and supporting local farmers, was the meal I got to enjoy at the end of the day. Huz decided to cook one of his dee-freakin-licious meals for me to see me off to Nashville in style. He made me Salmon steaks with dill cream sauce, crushed heirloom potatoes with argula, blue cheese and walnuts, and roasted sugar snap peas with coarse salt and a spash of olive oil. For dessert he made lemon pudding cake with cream and fresh blueberries. All of the fruit and veggies were fresh from farms and you just can’t beat that flavor! Here’s my oh-so-yummy dinner.


Delicious Sugar Snap Peas

I love my husband.