So, as I said in my previous post, I’ve been cooking a lot lately to compensate for the fact that I’m neither in school nor working. That involves menu planning and shopping for specific things called for in the recipe. The trouble is that Huz doesn’t know what’s up for grabs in the fridge and what’s off-limits because it’s intended for a recipe. I planned on making the afore-mentioned Grilled Ham and Gouda sandwiches on Friday night, so I greeted Huz when he got home from work then made my way to the kitchen. Right when I was opening the fridge door, Huz asks me where I got the salty ham he ate in his sandwich for lunch that day. “WHAT!?” I screamed. “You ate that!? It was for a recipe that I specifically TOLD you about!!” I was so pissed that I stormed off and slammed the bedroom door (I can only explain my over-reaction by telling you that this was the same day I had dropped off Cambie at the surgeon’s and had broken down in tears of worry right there in the middle of the reception lobby – lots of stress = over-reacting to eaten ham). Huz kinda laughed because I had just recently used a tomato for a recipe he was going to make (but, for the record, he had intended to make said recipe like a week before but never got around to it, so my use of the tomato was necessary – it was going bad!). He thought we were even, but I was still pissed and made him promise to go to the store and replace it for last night’s dinner, which he dutifully did. Well, when I made the sandwiches last night, I inadvertently grabbed the bag of deli turkey (the last of Huz’s lunch supply for work this week) instead of the newly replaced smoked ham! I realized it half way through the meal, thinking it wasn’t as salty as he had described. UG! So, after Huz gets more country-style bread (which are now out of), we will be trying to have these sandwiches AGAIN tonight!