It’s 2:45p.m. and I FINALLY got a call from Cambridge’s surgeon. He operated on her for an hour and a half. He said it was a congenital defect (she was born with it) and her bowels were in her pericardium (heart sac). Moving her intestines down was easy, but her liver was adhered to the pericardium and he had to remove fragments of the liver to disconnect them. He’s a bit concerned about her liver bleeding, but said it had nearly stopped by the time he sewed her up. Once the anesthesia wears off and her blood pressure rises, however, it could start again, so he’s going to be watching her and doing blood counts to make sure it’s not bleeding. If it is she’ll get a blood transfusion. She’s not out of the woods yet – she still needs to recover and hopefully she’ll be alert enough so that we can pick her up tomorrow (fingers majorly crossed and prayers being said).

I’m a wreck and can’t imagine if I had an actual human child that had to undergo surgery. I’LL be the one who needs anesthesia just to knock me out so I don’t have to deal with it!